Kiosk PCs

Our new range of kiosk PCs are designed with ruggedness and value for money in mind. Unlike some units that look great on day one but the worse for wear after 6 months, our kiosks are built to be sturdy and to stand up to the rigours of constant, every-day use. They’re perfect for use in public access areas, such as cinemas, leisure centres, museums, shops, local authority premises etc., as well as being tough enough for use in industrial and warehousing environments.

CabinetPro kiosk PCs

Standard or Custom Kiosk PC Specifications

The kiosks are built from mild-steel, powder-coated in black as the standard colour, which you can then brand using a vinyl wrap. We can also provide alternative colours to special order.

We offer a couple of standard PC specifications, both with a 17 inch surface acoustic wave touch-screen. Where our standard PC specifications don’t match your exact requirements, we can also build a custom specification kiosk PC.

For both standard and custom specification kiosks, we only make use of top brand name components, which enables us to offer a free warranty upgrade from 1-year to 3-years (stc).

SiteKiosk Lock-down Software

To prevent users of your kiosk PCs doing things they shouldn’t, we recommend the use of lock-down software to prevent them getting to the operating system and potentially limiting web access. CabinetPro can provide SiteKiosk, one of the leading lock-down software applications, to ensure that users don’t create support headaches for you.

Find Out More About Our Kiosk PCs

To find out more, please download the datasheet or contact us.