Panel PCs

Our panel PCs are designed for mounting on or behind a panel, or for incorporation into an enclosure of your own design. Using the same reliable, brand name components as our stainless steel and mild steel cabinet PCs, these units offer high quality at an affordable price.

A variety of touch-screen monitor sizes are available, from 15-inch up to 32-inch, with standard and widescreen options available in most sizes. Touch-sensitivity is provided by either resistive or surface acoustic wave technology, the most appropriate depending on application and environment.

Two standard PC specifications are available, standard and premium:

  • Dual-core Intel Atom, 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD
  • 3rd-generation Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD

For more details of the standard specifications, please view the panel PC datasheet.

If our standard specifications don’t suit your requirements, just contact us to discuss what you need. Since every PC is made to order, we can accommodate custom specifications such as additional RAM, dual hard drives with RAID, solid state drives, DC-powered etc.

For the smaller screen sizes, a bezel is recommended when mounting on the front of the panel, whereas for mounting behind the panel, the monitor can flush up against the rear of the panel cut-out.


15-inch panel PC with mounting brackets

15-inch panel PC with mounting brackets

15-inch panel PC with bezel

15-inch panel PC with bezel

22-inch panel PC

22-inch panel PC


 Panel PC mounted on wall bracket  Panel PC wall bracket

Panel PC mounted on wall bracket Panel PC wall bracket from behind


 Panel PC in bracket from below
Panel-PC in bracket from below

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