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Who can use a VESA-mount PC?

Well the answer to that question is just about anybody! Our VESA-mount PCs have been used in a wide variety of environments for a range of purposes: in museums, for driving one or more display units in kiosks, where the small footprint is ideal for compact spaces in schools, where they can be hidden away …

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Kiosk PCs Now Available

CabinetPro kiosk pc in use

We’re delighted to launch in Ireland our new range of touch-screen kiosk PCs, which combine quality and reliability with rugged good looks. The kiosks are selling well in the UK to corporate, industrial and public access customers, so it only seemed fair to make them available to our Irish customers as well. They come in …

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VESA-mount PCs updated!

We’ve just revamped the pages for our range of VESA-mount PCs. These computers have a unique VESA-mount bracket that is ideal for concealed mounting or mounting behind a panel. They are also perfect for putting inside a kiosk or for mounting on the back of a monitor using its standard 75mm or 100mm VESA-mount holes. …

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Panel PCs now available!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our range of panel PCs. These touchscreen computers are designed to be mounted on or behind a panel, or incorporated into an enclosure. As such, they’re ideal for use in museums, on exhibition stands or as big-screen displays. As a result of using only top-quality components, we’re able …

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Popular VESA-mount PCs

Our VESA-mount PCs are continuing to sell well in the UK, with custom specifications outnumbering our standard spec. PCs. Typical uses include: the driving of large screen displays in factories, museums and exhibitions; fixing to the back of monitors, to create a panel PC;¬†incorporating¬†into a kiosk case; hidden, under-counter mounting. Recent custom VESA-mount PCs have …

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