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IP65 Premium PC spec updated

It’s always our goal to keep up with the latest technology developments and we’re very pleased to announce that our premium specification version of the IP65 stainless steel touch-screen PC now features the new 4th-generation Core i3 processors from Intel. What does it mean? Improved performance from a cooler running PC, all at the same …

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Stainless Steel Pedestal

Good news for those of you without a convenient wall or structural column on which to mount your IP65 touchscreen PC. We now have a floor-mounted, stainless steel pedestal available with limited side-to-side swivel, that enables you to site your stainless steel PC right where you need it. With a 75mm/100mm VESA-standard bracket, it will even work with …

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17 inch stainless steel PC

We’ve just added a 17-inch touchscreen computer into our standard range of IP65 stainless steel PCs. They were previously only available to special order and we’re very happy to say that the first 5 went to a dairy customer in Ireland. These rugged computers are ideal for capturing data in situ in environments such as …

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