Touchscreen Cabinet PCs

CabinetPro’s touchscreen cabinet PCs are rugged and designed for hostile environments.

Where hygiene is of vital importance, such as in abattoirs, meat plants, dairies and other food processing factories or in pharmaceutical environments, our IP65 stainless steel PC can be washed down on a regular, confident in the knowledge that it is fully sealed against water and dust.

For less demanding environments but where a rugged solution is still required, our mild steel touchscreen PCs can be supplied in your preferred colour, using powder-coating.

Touch sensitive screen

IP65 Stainless Steel PC

Our IP65 stainless steel touchscreen PCs are designed for use in demanding environments, where PCs need to be protected against moisture or dust. The fully sealed units have no exposed hinges or locks where residue can accumulate and can be washed-down at the end of each shift or each day.  This explains their popularity in food, …

Rugged design

Mild Steel Touchscreen PC

Our range of powder-coated, mild steel touchscreen PCs are suited to environments where hygiene considerations are not paramount  – typically warehouses, goods-in and despatch bays, non-food / non-pharma factory environments etc.  Like our stainless steel PCs, they can be fully sealed to IP65 standards, allowing them to be used long-term in dusty or dirty environments. Please …