VESA-Mount PCs

CabinetPro’s range of VESA-mount PCs enables you to site a PC easily in many awkward situations, thanks to its innovative mounting bracket. Based around the international VESA standard (most commonly found on the back of monitors and TVs), the brackets have 2 sets of 4 holes, one at 75mm spacing and the other at 100mm.  This allows the bracket to be fixed to just about any surface (brick/plaster wall, wooden/steel partition, underside of a desk or panel, inside a cabinet or kiosk, back of a monitor etc.) and then the PC attached to the bracket using just 4 screws.

Available in a number of standard specifications and with custom builds available as an option, we are able to offer a suitable configuration for nearly every application. As well as standard AC-powered PCs, we can also offer a DC-powered option, to take advantage of an existing local power source (12v to 25V) and allowing a smaller case size.

Full details of our VESA-mount PC range are available on the datasheet, with standard specifications being:

  • Dual-Core Atom – ample power for most applications
    • 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard disk (5,400 rpm)
  • Core i3 – recommended for more demanding applications
    • 3 GHz dual-core Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 250GB hard disk (7,200 rpm)

Custom specifications are also available (e.g. extra RAM, dual RAID disks, serial ports etc.) – please call to discuss your requirements.

All PCs are available with either Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional.

Thanks to our exclusive use of quality, brand-name components, we offer at no extra cost a free upgrade to 3-year warranty.

VESA-mount PC

The VESA-mount

Our range of VESA-mount PCs can be simply mounted using our unique 75mm / 100mm VESA bracket. Our VESA-mount PCs are ideal for wall mounting, panel mounting, concealed mounting (e.g. under desks or inside enclosures) or in kiosks, since the PC itself can easily be removed from the bracket.   Full details of our range …

VESA-mount PCs

Standard VESA-mount PC Specifications

Our VESA-mount PCs are based around the latest available technologies and feature only high quality, brand-name components. We offer two off-the-shelf specifications: standard dual or quad-core Celeron and premium Core i3. Various form factors are also available: compact with external DC power source standard with internal AC power source extended to accomodate a half-height expansion card …

Custom VESA-mount PC Specifications

Whilst the majority of customers buy our standard specification VESA-mount PCs, we do make a significant number of custom specification computers. As all of our PCs are made-to-order and are designed and manufactured in the UK, we can react quickly to your needs and supply at minimal extra cost. Some examples of recent custom changes to our …