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Custom VESA-mount PC Specifications

Whilst the majority of customers buy our standard specification VESA-mount PCs, we do make a significant number of custom specification computers. As all of our PCs are made-to-order and are designed and manufactured in the UK, we can react quickly to your needs and supply at minimal extra cost.

Some examples of recent custom changes to our standard VESA-mount PCs include:

  • processor upgrade (Core i5, Core i7)
  • additional I/O (serial, USB, FireWire etc.)
  • solid state drive
  • dual hard drives with RAID
  • larger / faster hard drives
  • additional display ports (DVI, HDMI etc.)
  • dual Ethernet ports
  • on-board WiFi

Just like our standard specification computers, we offer a free upgrade for our custom VESA-mount PCs to a 3-year return-to-base warranty.

If you would like to discuss how you can benefit from a VESA-mount PC with a custom specification at an affordable price, then please contact us with your requirements.