Who can use a VESA-mount PC?

Well the answer to that question is just about anybody! Our VESA-mount PCs have been used in a wide variety of environments for a range of purposes:

  • in museums, for driving one or more display units
  • in kiosks, where the small footprint is ideal for compact spaces
  • in schools, where they can be hidden away out of the way of prying fingers
  • in factories, for driving large-screen monitors displaying KPI and OEE information
  • in exhibitions (temporary or permanent), for driving display monitors
  • in my home, as a desktop PC!

Even if you’re not interested in mounting using the VESA-mount, they still provide excellent value for money in a small form factor.

VESA-mount PC

A CabinetPro VESA-mount PC and bracket lets you site a PC even in awkward spaces